Core Activities

Capital Dredging
Maintenance Dredging
Land Reclamation / Land Development
Coastal Protection Works
Pipeline Trenching
Sand Mining / Sand Extraction from Rivers
River Dredging
Power Plants and LNG Terminals Intake & Outfall Channels Dredging
Desiltation of Lakes & Barrages
Canal Dredging

Future Plans

Acquisition of Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger of 3,000 Cu.M. Hopper Capacity.
Joint Venture Participation with other dredging companies of any kind of dredging projects.
Entering MOUs with other companies for new dredging projects.
Acquisition of Two more Medium Size Cutter Suction Dredgers.
Acquisition of Hopper Barges 3,000 Cu.M capacity and a Dumb Grab Dredger with 7 to 10 Cu.M capacity bucket.
Acquisition of Two Delta Multi Crafts (DMC) for Support services to Dredgers.
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